amazon sex doll torso

I recently had the weirdest experience shopping online… I recently found a strange item on Amazon, believe it or not it was a ‘Sex Doll Torso’. Now don’t get me wrong I’m no prude. I’m all for people doing whatever makes them feel good, so if you want a sex doll torso tackle it head on!

But I am a little curious about why people would need something like this. The sex doll torso on Amazon was on sale for vibrators $350 and it included a few extra features like a wig and a face mask. I was honestly shocked that something like this was actually available to buy and it made me think whether it’s really necessary.

The torso came with a realistic body shape and the ‘skin’ looked so real I was actually a little creeped out. It was so detailed that it included ‘breasts’ that actually moved up and down. The description said that it was made from ‘high-grade silicone’ and the ‘skin’ was ‘soft and lifelike’.

For a moment I thought that it was a joke and then the reviews came pouring in. It seems that people who purchased the doll torso are actually quite happy with it! One customer said it was ‘the perfect companion’ and another one said that it gave them a ‘sensual experience’.

I must admit it made me feel a little weird and a little uncomfortable, but I guess people have different needs. I couldn’t help wondering what type of relationship someone would have with a sex doll torso. Would it bring them closer to someone? The customer reviews suggested it could.

I guess the life-like qualities of the doll torso is the attractive feature for people. Also, it could be a form of therapy for someone who is single or dildos frustrated with their current relationship. Who knows, maybe having a sex doll torso could make people happier?

The torso also had some interesting features such as a heating system, a voice recognition facial display, and adjustable arms, legs and head. I couldn’t believe someone would pay $350 for a sex doll torso! And why would anyone want to buy this item on Amazon and not in a more discreet shop?

Anyway, I guess it’s one of those things that people have different opinions on. If someone thinks a sex doll torso is a good thing then who am I to judge! It’s probably much better than cheating on a partner, and it’s definitely a lot safer.