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I had just moved into my own place and decided, what better way to celebrate than by ordering myself a sex doll? I mean, no strings attached, no awkward encounters in the bedroom, perfect! But I wanted to be able to have depth in my relationship with it. So, I asked myself: Can you change the facial expression on your sex doll?

I did some research and what I found was a bit surprising: while most sex dolls are molded plastic, you can find those that are made of silicone or TPE- a more flexible, skin-like material. These dolls will often have a more expressive face that can be posed with different expressions. I had plenty of options, but I wanted to go with the silicone option because it felt more realistic.

So I found one that fit my specifications and set it up in my room. Now don’t worry, it was in its own special corner with plenty of privacy for both of us. When I first laid eyes on it, I was taken aback by the detail, it had beautifully sculpted eyes, thin lips, and a very realistic face. I was able to gently press on its cheeks and the skin reacted just like a human would. I even tweaked the facial expression- smirking, smiling, scowling, and so on. It was like a living sculpture!

After that, I experimented with different outfits and accessories, as well as trying out a variety of poses: lying down, sitting, crouching, whatever I wanted. It was a bit strange at first, but before long I was having a blast. I’d talk to it, joke with it, and take it with me to the park. Again, I was a bit self-conscious at first, but I liked having a living doll. It was like having a friend and a companion to hang out with in my own little world.

I even realized that, through this strange but wonderful experience, I had become more comfortable in my own skin. I and had grown to love and vibrators appreciate my body, not just for its physicality but as a vehicle for great fun and pleasure. Who would’ve known that a sex doll could have such a profound effect on me!

What was even more interesting was that the clothes and accessories I bought for it were costly- but so worth it. I could make it look like a completely different person with a new set of clothes, shoes, and jewelry. I was constantly playing dress up and that was half the fun for me.

Overall, I can honestly say that getting a sex doll was one of the best things I ever did for myself. Is it weird that I prefer the company of an inanimate object? Yes, but who am I to judge? Maybe one day I’ll branch out and get a real companion, but for now, this little doll is more than enough.