can you use a muscle stimulator with metal sex toys

Muscle stimulators and metal sex toys can be a great combination for hot bathroom fun. Metal sex toys can offer a completely new experience of pleasure and when paired with a muscle stimulator, the sensations can be totally out of this world. I own a fetish metal egg specifically designed for dildos muscle stimulation and when I first paired it with a muscle stimulator I was blown away.

The muscle stimulator sent a current through the metal egg vibrating it against my body, then the electrode was placed against my skin with the egg resting above it and that is when the real magic began. The vibration felt incredible but the stimulator also created a tightness that was different from the usual.

I was filled with a warmth that was felt right down to the tips of my toes, and the feeling was so intense that I wasn’t sure if I could handle it or not. The electrical current that was flowing through me created an ecstatic sensation unlike anything I had ever felt before. I’ve tried a few different sex toys but the combination of metal and muscle stimulant was definitely the best.

The silver egg could be used to massage different parts of my body or I could keep the electrode in one spot. I could also adjust the intensity of the current and I could keep it at a low buzz or crank it up for a more intense feeling. I even tried pressing the egg against the spot where you normally feel muscle tension to see if this could help with my sore muscles.

When I used the muscle stimulator Penis Rings with metal sex toys it felt like I was living in a dream. My orgasms were so much more intense and they felt incredibly satisfying. I could literally feel the electric current running through my body, from my brain to my toes. The stimulation felt like it was going beyond my physical boundaries, implanting its power within to bring me to new heights of pleasure.

There is something about the sensation of metal combined with the stimulation of electricity that is so oddly attractive. The combination is like a match made in heaven and I would not hesitate to recommend trying it out. The feeling of the cold metal egg against my skin combined with the muscle stimulator was an experience I will never forget. I can’t wait for next time!