does your mother know sex toys

Did you know that my mother knows about sex toys? It might surprise some people, given she’s a traditional mother from a conservative background. But, she’s always been open minded when it comes to conversations about sex and relationships. Yeah, I know – it kind of shocks me too!

Anyways, last week the subject of sex toys came up in conversation. To be honest, she didn’t seem that surprised. In fact, she laughed hysterically and gave me a wink! I know, I know, my mom is amazing. Whether it was her youthful curiosity or just our closeness I’m not sure, but she at least wished me luck in my future endeavors with sex toys.

But really, does one’s mother need to know they use sex toys? Is it inappropriate to introduce the topic to one’s mother? I’m still not sure. I mean, I know it’s not a taboo topic in my house. But it’s not seen as something to glorify either.

My thoughts are that as long as sex is a healthy part of one’s life, why not let the ones closest to you know what goes on behind the bedroom door? Maybe not the explicit details, but they should at least know that sex is a fundamental healthy part of one’s life. That being said, sex toys can be a part of that.

There’s a huge range of sex toys out there these days, and not every one of them is designed for the same purpose. Some sex toys are more functional, like providing sensational stimulus for couples, others are more practical, like emulating the feeling of a penis without penetration. Sex toys can even add some colourful fun, and provide a break from the norm.

Most importantly though, above all else, I think the use of sex toys is a personal decision. It’s up to the individual, and should be respected regardless of one’s opinion on the matter. You do you! As long as sex is a healthy part of your life, there should be nothing wrong with that.

Now, my mother may not have been bowled over when I brought up the topic of sex toys, but I could tell she was at least receptive to hearing more about it. And, that’s what matters most. I guess having an open conversation with a parent about sex toys is entirely dependent on the kind of relationship each person has with their mother.

What do you think – does your mother know about sex toys? Would you be comfortable talking to her about it? I’m curious to know your opinion.

To expand on the topic further, there seems to be a lack of education about sex toys and their use in society nowadays. This is unfortunate because sex toys can be fun, healthy and great physical additions to couples’ sex lives.

There is a general misconception that the use of sex toys can take away the ‘spontaneity’ and ‘excitement’ of sex, but realistically, Penis Rings they just exist to provide an added element of pleasure, and can transform a dull experience into an amazing one. Therefore, talking about them in an open and responsive way is important for our understanding and acceptance of sex toys.

The use of sex toys is slowly becoming more openly discussed with each passing generation, which is a good thing. We’re breaking down the stigma and taboos of using sex toys, and acknowledging that they have a role to play in sexual pleasure. However, there is still a way to go to get to the point where sex toys are simply accepted.

That being said, sex toy retailers definitely have an important role to play in the acceptance of this topic. Large multi-national sex toy companies are influencing the perception of sex toys with their product ranges and advertising. The products available to us have come a long way from the vibrators and rabbits you see across the internet.

From G-Spot stimulators and remote vibrators, to silicone strokers and extra-long dildos, there are now a range of stimulating and safe sex toys for individuals of different preferences. In other words, we’re not limited to one type of toy or pairing anymore – we have so much more to explore, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Additionally, the diversity in sex toy design means people of all genders have an equal opportunity to explore their sexualities and preferences, without feeling judged or discriminated. With more creative and responsive sex toy designs, individuals have been given a sense of autonomy and freedom in their sex-life.

So, the next time your mother enquires about sex toys, you know you have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s all part of the pleasure and excitement of one’s sex life.

What do you think – should mothers know if their children use sex toys? Is it a legitimate topic of conversation to have with one’s parent? I’d love to know how you feel on the subject.