eliza male masturbator

As a guy who loves sex toys and exploring all kinds of new ways to increase my pleasure, the Eliza Male Masturbator was a must-have in my collection.​ I was really excited to see how it would enhance my experience.​

When I took it out of its discreet packaging, the first thing I noticed was how soft and realistic it felt.​ I couldn’t help but appreciate the quality workmanship that went into making it.​ Even the details in the design truly gave it a lifelike feel.​

Once I got my hands on it, I eagerly inserted my penis into the device and settled in for a ride.​ The interior felt amazing.​ It was especially enjoyable since I was able to adjust the tightness and stimulation thanks to the easy-to-use dials on the side.​ I could mix and match as much as I wanted – it was a blast.​

I was impressed to discover that the Eliza Male Masturbator was compatible with lube, making it even more pleasurable.​ With the perfect mixture of lube and stimulation, the sensations were out of this world.​ I almost-felt as if I were having real sex instead.​

The Eliza Male Masturbator also gave me something I had never experienced before in any of my other sex toys – an automatic element of surprise.​ It came with a special feature that allowed it to change its rhythm based on the pressure it was receiving.​ This sensation made it seem almost as if it had a mind of its own, making orgasms more intense.​

The Eliza Male Masturbator is great for solo play but can also be used with a partner.​ Watching my partner use it was a real eye-opener, as I got to witness how it truly changed the pleasure that my partner felt.​ The fact that it can be used in different ways allowed for a greater variety and made the experience even more dynamic.​

After over multiple rounds of use so far I can honestly say that the Eliza Male Masturbator is an amazing device.​ Not only does it give me a fun and unique way to experience pleasure on my own but it can also be used with a partner.​ The surprise element of the device truly makes it stand out, and the adjustable settings help to customize the experience for each individual user.​ For me, the Eliza Male Masturbator is a must-have for any sex toy lover.​

Seeing how the Eliza Male Masturbator was so enjoyable to use in solo play, my next mission was to see if it could work just as well with a partner.​ I don’t think there’s any better way to spice up a sex life than adding a new sex dolls toy to the mix, and with the Eliza Male Masturbator I was eager to experience the difference it could make.​

Of course, I was a little nervous about whether my partner would enjoy using the toy as much as I did.​ Thankfully, though, my worries were all for nothing.​ From the moment my partner first put their penis into the toy they were in their own personal heaven of pleasure.​ I could tell by the deep breaths and intense sensations they were letting out.​

What impressed us both the most was that the Eliza Male Masturbator could be used in multiple ways.​ Being able to mix and match with different settings was definitely something we enjoyed.​ This allowed us to really tailor the experience and get the most out of the toy.​ We even tried out a couple of scenarios and roleplay that we had never tried before.​

We were able to use the Eliza Male Masturbator as a tool to get creative with our sex life.​ We made it a weekly activity which was something I looked forward to each week.​ What I love is that even when we had the same settings as the week before, the sensations always felt different and fresh.​

One thing that really surprised us both was the control we had over the toy.​ Being able to change the rhythm based on the pressure we were receiving was great.​ Like I always say, variety is the spice of life and this was definitely the case when it came to using the Eliza Male Masturbator with a partner.​

Now after four months of use, I can honestly say that the Eliza Male Masturbator is an amazing device for both solo play and for use with a partner.​ It allows for a greater variety when it comes to pleasure and it truly enhances the experience.​ Being able to control the settings and adjust the rhythm based on the pressure is something that can take any sex life to the next level.​ For me, the Eliza Male Masturbator was definitely the right choice.​