Hey buddy! You won’t believe this, but I recently stumbled upon a strange phenomenon I’d never heard of before – male masturbation videos outside! It all started when I recently discovered a niche corner of YouTube that caters to a very special type of audience.​ The videos featured on this channel were all too explicit for me to watch, so I decided to click away from it in disgust.​

However, about a minute later, I heard a sound that I couldn’t quite place.​ My curiosity took hold of me and I realized I should get back to that channel.​ I was instantly taken aback by what I saw.​ There were several men masturbating outdoors – on the street, in a park and on the beach! All these scenes were recorded with a camera in plain sight, so everyone could see the men pleasuring themselves.​

I was so shocked that it took me a few moments to absorb what I had seen.​ Then, I started asking myself why anyone would record such videos and why people seemed to be so fascinated by them.​ I assume that it has something to do with the idea of experiencing an extreme form of freedom – that is the freedom to do whatever you want, no matter where you are.​

I continued to experiment with these videos and viewed a few more clips.​ They all had the same premise – a man in a public area enjoying some special alone time with himself.​ The whole concept was troubling, as I had never witnessed anything like this before.​ I started chatting with people online who claimed to find the videos visually stimulating, vibrators while also giving men more confidence when it comes to self-pleasure.​

I tried to understand this viewpoint, but at the same time I still wasn’t so sure if it was something that we should be encouraging in our society.​ On one hand I could see why some people might be ok with it, dildos but on the other hand it seemed unethical to expose oneself in such a way.​

I eventually stumbled upon some articles and blog posts that discussed the strange trend in more depth.​ The writers cited a few studies to backup their claims of it being psychologically beneficial.​ Moreover, they argued how it can help people feel more empowered and connected with their own body.​

After a few days of research, I decided to come to a conclusion.​ The videos are something that should not be seen as a taboo anymore.​ It’s an uncomfortable thing to talk about and watch, but self-love is an important aspect of human life.​ As long as people follow the rules and respect public space, this should not be judged as harshly as it usually is.​