Hi, have I got a story for you! I recently found out about something pretty crazy – ‘sex doll wigs’. Yeah, I know jaw-dropping right? I was absolutely gobsmacked when I heard about these. Apparently, they are becoming increasingly popular with sex doll owners, who feel they need to take their dolls to the next level.

At first, I thought it was a joke. Sex doll wigs? Really? But it turns out they are actually a real thing. I mean, how could I not have known? I mean who buys a sex doll and doesn’t think to top it off with a fabulous wig. In my eyes, it’s pretty genius.

So, sex toys I researched sex doll wigs and came across some pretty crazy designs. One was called the ‘Lolita Wig’, and it was just as creepy as you would expect. Some of them even had sparkly rhinestones in them, which to me seemed a bit OTT, but hey, who am I to judge.

The wig selection was truly vast, I mean, there were wigs to suit every kind of sex doll. Naughty Nurse, French Princess, Barbie Bun, Witches Hat – you name it, they had it. There was even a wig called ‘Gothic Vixen’, which personally I thought was a bit extreme.

I guess sex doll wigs are a way for sex doll owners to customize their dolls and make them more realistic. They also help to cut down costs, because buying a separate wig can be a lot cheaper than buying a whole new doll.

I can’t help but wonder if sex doll wigs will take off and become really popular, or if this is just another passing trend?

Only time will tell, hey?

But I guess one thing is for sure, these wigs are providing another avenue for customizing dolls and expressing one’s own individual style, which is always a plus in my book.

Anyway, I’m sure the fashion industry will have its eyes on sex doll wigs, because they are certainly taking the industry by storm. Not only are they perfect for adding that extra pizzazz to your sex doll, but the wig selection is also really colourful and varied. It really is something for everyone.

In terms of practicality, having a change of wig can mean different characters for different occasions, so in that sense, sex doll wigs are an absolute win. Not to mention, they also make sex dolls look really stylish and fashionable.

But what about hair care? Do the wigs need any specialist shampoo? Well, according to what I’ve read, nylon wigs generally just need to be wiped with a cloth and lukewarm water to keep them looking their best. It’s as simple as that!

So yes, it looks like sex doll perücken are here to stay! What do you think? Have you ever tried this customizing option for your sex dolls? I’d claim that it’s certainly worth considering!