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Once upon a time I was at this house party with my friends and I noticed something quite unusual.​ There was this group of teen guys in the corner and they were staring intently at something or someone.​ I figured it had to be something pretty interesting, so I decided to investigate.​

When I got closer, I realized there was a guy sitting in the middle of the room and he was doing something that looked.​.​.​well, kind of strange! He was masturbating while the other guys were watching.​ I couldn’t believe it.​ It was the first time I’d ever seen something like that in person and I was kind of intrigued.​

At first I thought, ‘What the heck is he doing?’ But then I started to notice something else.​ The other dudes in the room weren’t just watching – they were also encouraging him! From the way they yelled and clapped, it seemed like they thought his performance was some kind of entertainment.​

It was then that I realized what was going on – the guy was giving a show! He was actually entertaining the group of teenage guys by masturbating in front of them.​ I hadn’t seen anything like it before and it was kind of shocking, but at the same time Kinda cool to see.​

I still felt kind of weird about it all, though.​ I mean, I’m sure no one was getting hurt or anything, but it still seemed kind of strange.​ Then, I wondered: was this a one-time thing or did this kind of thing happen often? I asked my friends about it and they said they had heard about it happening before, but they had never actually seen it happen in person.​

That’s when it hit me – this was a pretty unique experience! I mean, it’s not like you just walk around and vibrators see guys masturbating for entertainment all the time.​ It was a somewhat surreal moment and I’m sure it was something that no one else at the party would ever forget.​

I guess in a way you could say it was a rite of passage for all of us.​ Even though it was kind of a strange experience, it was still a memory that none of us would forget.​ Those teenage guys certainly weren’t afraid of pushing the boundaries and I have to respect them for that.​

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