hot to get boyfriend to try penis pump

I’ve been researching how to get my boyfriend to try a penis pump, and I think I’ve finally figured it out.​ The first thing that I did was talk to him about it.​ I asked him what his thoughts were on trying a penis pump, and he was surprisingly open to the idea.​ I explained to him how a penis pump can help increase size and sex dolls improve erection quality, and he was really excited to try it.​

We went to the store and picked out a good quality pump with a few extra goodies.​ I made sure to get little things like lubricants and creams to make the experience even stronger.​ Finally, my boyfriend was ready to try the pump.​

At first, he was a bit shy and hesitant, but I could tell he was interested in it from the expressions on his face.​ I took his hand and told him we can go slow and try different things so he doesn’t feel uncomfortable.​ I reassured him that I would be with him every step of the way.​

We started with a basic warm-up.​ I provided light massage strokes throughout his penis and groin, applying gentle pressure with each stroke.​ I used a few drops of lubricant to make the experience even more pleasurable.​ My boyfriend started to moan and groan in pleasure, and I could tell he was enjoying himself.​

The next step was pumping.​ I instructed him to squeeze the pump, and as he did, I watched carefully as his Penis Rings grew bigger and harder.​ He was surprised at how quickly the pump worked.​ I coached him through the process, ensuring he felt no discomfort and teaching him about the limits of the pump.​

Afterward, we tried out a few attachments to see what else we could do with the pump.​ We put on a cock ring, and my boyfriend started to gasp.​ He loved the feeling of the tight ring around his penis, and he kept asking me to adjust it for a better experience.​ He kept saying “wow” with each new attachment.​

We finished off by letting the pump run for 10 minutes.​ My boyfriend felt a bit embarrassed at first, but I immediately put him at ease by providing some compliments and reassuring him that everything was okay.​ When the 10 minutes was up, my boyfriend felt more relaxed, and he even asked when we could do this again.​

The whole experience was amazing! We had a lot of fun with the pump, and my boyfriend’s penis looks and feels great afterwards.​ Now we can experiment with different shapes and sizes to get the maximum benefits from the pump.​ I’m relieved that my boyfriend agreed to try the penis pump and I’m so happy that he’s happy with how it has improved his sex life.​