how to avoid injury with a penis pump

It’s a really common misconception that using a penis pump can cause serious injury.​ Sure, it’s highly recommended to be used with caution, and to follow all the instructions before using it, but if you take these simple steps, you can join the thousands of people who use the same device with absolutely no problems.​

Firstly, always make sure you get a penis pump that is cleared or approved by the FDA – you can’t go wrong.​ A lot of guys don’t feel the need to check this, and sure, a cheaper, bodge-job, imitation version will do the job, but the risk of injury is much higher.​ That’s why it’s best to keep it safe and get yourself an official product, sex toys like an AIRNUM penis pump, which is clinically tested and proven to be effective without any kind of risk associated.​

The most important thing to do is to always use the pump according to the instructions that come with it – this will ensure that the vacuum remains within the safety levels.​ It’s really easy to do – just read through the manual and familiarise yourself with all the safety instructions.​ And make sure you always start of with a lower vacuum rate and then gradually increase it as you get more comfortable with the device.​

It’s also a good idea to have someone else nearby when you are using a penis pump.​ Having a friend or vibrators partner around can be especially helpful, as they can help give guidance or advice in case something happens or the pump stops working.​ That way, you can be sure that you are using the device correctly, providing the vacuum is not too high and there’s no chance of injury.​

An often overlooked aspect of using a penis pump is keeping the area clean and dry before and after use.​ This is an essential part of using a pump and should not be ignored.​ Make sure you clean the tube thoroughly each time you use it and use a mild, non-abrasive soap with warm water to avoid any bacterial growth or irritation.​

Finally, it’s important to always monitor the level of vacuum created by the pump – this is the most common way to avoid injury caused by using penis pumps.​ A slight vacuum is enough to get the job done, so keep an eye on the pressure inside the tube and try not to exceed the recommended level, as this will compromise safety and can lead to serious injury.​

It’s really important to take precautions when using a penis pump.​ Doing a little research and following the safety instructions carefully can make the experience much safer and enjoyable.​ I guarantee that if you use the device correctly, it will give you amazing results without the risk of any injury.​ So go ahead, give it a go and start seeing the results of your hard work!