how to reduce the donut from penis pumping

I always tell my friends, keep your donut away from penis pumping.​ I didn’t take that advice, though, and dildos now I’m learning the hard way.​

The fact that I even attempted penis pumping in an effort to reduce my donut is a testament to how desperate I’d become.​ I was fed up with the way my donut had become so big and I wanted to do something to reduce it.​ Little did I know that penis pumping was the worst thing to do!

To start with, it felt like an uncomfortable squeezing on my junk.​ I’d pop the donut pump on, crank the lever a few times and it would feel like it was crushing the life out of me.​ I was hoping that it would reduce the donut, but it didn’t do anything.​

On top of that, it felt like my donut was permanently attached to the pump.​ I tried to pull out the pump after a few minutes of wearing it but it was literally stuck to me.​ I had to use a knife and sex dolls scissors (after seeing a youtube video) to remove the pump! It was embarrassing.​

So that’s why I tell my friends to stay away from penis pumping if they want to reduce their donut.​ It’s a completely useless exercise that will only cause more problems than it solves.​ But if they’re desperate, like I was, there are some less risky alternatives.​

For starters, there are a few stretching exercises that can be done to reduce the donut.​ These involve lightly stretching the penis in various directions in order to encourage the donut to reduce in size.​ Another option is to use a donut reduction cream, which contains a combination of herbs and other natural ingredients that are said to reduce the donut.​

Lastly, there’s hypnosis.​ It might sound a bit strange, but hypnosis has been proven to reduce the size of the donut.​ A certified hypnotherapist can hypnotise you and this will help to reduce the donut.​ It’s not a guarantee, but it can be worth exploring if penis pumping isn’t working for you.​

So those are some alternatives to penis pumping to reduce the donut.​ I would always recommend my friends try these options before resorting to drastic measures.​ And if they want to give penis pumping a try, I would at least encourage them to use a pump with a nice, soft donut sleeve to help reduce the discomfort.​Ada158cm Silicone Sex Doll TPE Solid Full Body Real LifeLike Love Companion | eBay