Lucid Dream No 14 Vibrator Waterproof 9 Inch Pink 782421025342 | eBayhow to tell.your mom you want a sex toy

Well, it had been on my mind for weeks. Every time I went shopping, I passed by that aisle with those weird looking sex toys. And I was sure that my mom already knew what I was thinking of buying, because she always gave me this knowing look. I knew she was way too conservative about sex and made it pretty clear that she would never approve of such things.

But I wanted one; it was something I had been wanting for a while and I was hoping to find a way to tell her about it; without hurting her feelings of course. It seemed like a pretty impossible task. I mean, how do you tell your mom you want to buy a sex toy?

So I decided, I needed to find a way to get my message across without coming off as too direct. I figured the best way to do this was by coming up with a hypothetical situation. I asked my mom if she was ever in a situation where she had to tell someone something awkward. She seemed intrigued and said yes.

I then proceeded to tell her about a friend of mine wanting to get a sex toy. I made up some details like how the friend was in a long term relationship and how the toy had been discussed but never actually bought. I also focused on the fact that the product might actually spice things up a bit and vibrators improve the relationship between the couple.

At first, my mom was quiet and I couldn’t tell if she was actually convinced or disgusted, but eventually she asked me why I was telling her that. Then I finally told her why I was actually telling her this story; I needed her approval to get a sex toy.

My mom then told me that she understood why I wanted it but she also said that she was still not comfortable with the idea. She said I was still young and shouldn’t feel the need to spice things up yet. However, vibrators she eventually agreed and gave me a okay.

I have to admit, it was a huge relief when she finally said yes. I was worried she would reject me and make me feel embarrassed. I was also surprised that she actually understood my reason for wanting to buy this particular item.

Now I could finally get the sex toy I wanted. But since my mom wasn’t completely okay with it, I made sure to look up some different items and avoid any “weird” ones. I also did more research so that I would know what I was actually getting and use it carefully.

That was how I told my mom I wanted a sex toy. It wasn’t easy, and I’m sure everyones experience is different, but when you go about things the right way and make sure to talk openly and without judgment then your request might just get approved.