I can’t believe it! Midget sex doll vids? Seriously? A friend of mine recently showed me some midget sex doll vids and my jaw dropped. I had no idea midget sex dolls were even a thing! I mean, sure, I’d heard of the conventional love dolls, but I was shocked to learn that we can now create all kinds of exotic sex dolls with miniature proportions. It’s amazing to think how far the technology has come!

At first I was skeptical, and a little uncomfortable, wondering what this meant for the little people. I mean, a midget sex doll vid would be fetishizing these individuals and their body proportions, but when I spoke to my friend about it, I found out he was merely curious. He wasn’t idolizing, vibrators he just wanted to learn.

I thought hard about it, and while it still felt weird to me, I started to think about it in a different light. After all, conventional sex dolls are common and widely available, so why should this be any different? Besides, these dolls offer an insight into the unique body sizes of the little people, making it easier for us to learn about them. It also provides people with an option to explore something new, even safely and from the privacy of their home.

Still, I’m not sure if I personally support it. On the one hand, I can appreciate the whole concept of exploring different body sizes, but on the other hand, I’m not sure if it’s totally right to create a “midget” version of something that already exists — you know, like a ‘mini me’ of a real person? It just seems off to me, but I’m also aware there are already plenty of items designed to celebrate body diversity.

Sure, it could be used for a bit of fun, but then I think about how it would affect someone with a dwarfism condition. I mean these dolls are designed to be played with. All these thoughts and doubts bounced around my head and I didn’t know what to think.

My friend got really passionate and tried to convince me that this was an important way of acknowledging body diversity. Fair enough, but I still had my anxieties about all the implications. We eventually had to agree to disagree, but my friend now has a better understanding of my point of view and vice versa.

After our conversation, it opened my eyes to the idea of potential body shaming, in terms of people idolizing unrealistic body types. As much as it’s nice to experiment, it’s important to remember that these dolls are representations of real people with real stories.

I mean, these tiny sex dolls can offer a lot of insight, but that doesn’t mean we lose sight of the real people. We can find out more about little people and their backstory in a respectful way, rather than simply relying on toys to educate us. This might mean talking to them directly, or finding stories online from individuals in the community.

Society has a long way to go to ensure that people have true acceptance and appreciation for little people, but ultimately I think it can be done. It’s all about education and understanding, so that both sides are respected. Besides, ultimately, nobody wants to be reduced to a miniature doll. It’s important to remember that body diversity is a beautiful thing.