I got to talking to my best friend the other day, and he was telling me about this bizarre new trend he’s heard of – sex doll persons. I mean, it wasn’t something I ever heard of before, and I had to ask him to explain. He told me that these sex doll persons are people who dress up like dolls and exist as a kind of alternate personality for themselves. They wear wigs, pasted-on makeup, and extravagant clothes, and in a sense they become like a child in an adult’s body, or an adult in a child’s body. Extremely curious, I had to check it out and see what it’s all about.

I looked into it a bit and found out that many people are doing it as a form of self-expression. It’s like they have a deep need to break out of the norms and Penis Rings boundaries of their everyday life, so their “doll persona” allows them to explore their identity and feel comfortable in their skin. They also find a sense of freedom – ditching expectations, gender roles and preconceived views that confine us. It’s helping them become who they truly are beneath it all.

One thing that I found really interesting is that these sex doll persons aren’t just grown adults, but some are even teenagers. Apparently they don’t think of themselves as sexual objects, and they don’t necessarily have to be in a sexual relationship – it’s more of an aesthetic transformation than anything. It’s crazy to think that teens can feel so much pressure in society that they feel the need to adopt an entirely different persona just to be able to explore their identity.

I also heard that it’s not just an individual thing either, there are also couples who become sex doll persons together. I think this is a good way for couples to discover each other on a deeper level and dildos to learn more about each other’s individual sexual needs. Plus, come on, it’s just plain fun to act like a doll sometimes! It can be great to have a break from the norm and let your playful side out. Which now that I think about it, isn’t that just a metaphor for life in general?

When I look back on it all, I’m really impressed by how a seemingly off-the-wall trend can actually be an interesting way for people to understand each other better and to gain a greater appreciation and respect for their individual experiences. And I guess it’s worth considering that some people do take it a bit too far – but that doesn’t mean we should discredit the entire idea or the people who simply want to explore and be who they truly are.

On that thought, I found out there are a few ways people who choose to identify as a sex doll person go about it. Some people have put together a full persona for themselves, involving dolls or a complete cosplay design. They get these custom-made wigs, costumes, and makeup, and take on the role like an actor. In other cases, someone may prefer to act like a sex doll more casually, incorporating things like bright colors and playful accessories into their wardrobe.

Then I started to wonder how do people build an online presence as a sex doll person? There’s an entire world of social media out there that caters to all kinds of interests, so I’m sure that unable to create an online presence even as an extreme hobby like this wouldn’t be a problem at all. There are even exhibitions and festivals dedicated to people creating their own doll OC (original character) and I’m sure that having the right mindset for this activity is key.

I also found out that the way someone may choose to dress to express their doll persona is actually extremely meaningful. It’s like telling a story – the fabrics, colors, and pieces they put together have been carefully chosen to represent and express the way they feel. It really is so incredible how someone can be their own designer; controlling how the story of their identity is told.

I thought it was so cool how a person can be their own artist when it comes to assuming such an outlandish role. It’s an incredibly freeing experience to be able to do something like this, and to be able to break out of everyday social norms with something totally unique that expresses you in ways that words cannot. It’s almost like a form of art therapy, where you can express yourself in ways that no other form of media can provide.

But then I had to think, what’s the purpose of this all? I mean, why does someone feel the need to take on a totally different persona? Maybe because it gives them greater escape from their problems and worries, or maybe it’s just to give them a chance to try something they’ve never done before. I mean, if you can go through life feeling like you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, then it’s a pretty liberating experience.

No matter what the actual reason is, we can learn from these people’s courage to express themselves in ways they never did before. We can add this to the many examples of people who have opened the door for greater acceptance and understanding between different types of people, cultures and lifestyles. We can take away from all of this that sometimes it doesn’t matter what other people think – you should just have the courage to be yourself if you feel like it.