I recently came across something that blew my mind: a forum full of men who post pictures of their incredibly pumped up penises.​ I’m not kidding – apparently, it’s a thing.​

At first, I was in disbelief.​ I mean, who does that? What would possess someone to take a picture of their own manhood and post it on the internet? I was absolutely bemused by the concept.​

That said, there was something fascinating about it all – I think it said something about how men see themselves and each other.​ As I scrolled through the pictures, I started to understand why these people were doing this.​ It seemed to be a bit of a show of masculinity, a way for men to show off their assets, if you will.​

I started to think about the meaning behind these images.​ Are these just a bit of harmless fun, a bit of masculine bravado? Or is something more sinister happening?

I began to feel that the underlying message was that if you don’t have a pumped-up penis like these guys, then you’re not really a man.​ That wasn’t the vibe I was getting from the forum, but it’s certainly something I think about when I look at the pictures.​

But I also can’t deny that it was entertaining.​ I couldn’t believe the lengths some of these guys went to in order to get their dicks as pumped as possible.​ It was quite comical, in a way.​

At the end of the day, pumped penis pics are something I’d never have thought to search for on the internet, but it certainly gave me something to think about.​

My thoughts started to drift to other aspects of male vanity and insecurity, dildos particularly when it comes to body image.​ It made me wonder how men – or any of us, for that matter – can grow to feel accepted and confident in their own skin.​

I started to analyse how society as a whole projects and reinforces these insecurities.​ Even though we live in an age where body positivity is increasingly being embraced, there is still a huge amount of pressure in maintaining an idealised image of ourselves.​

I thought about how men, in particular, are judged harshly on physical features such as penis size.​ It made me understand why these men were so determined to show off their pumped up members.​ Whether they were motivated out of insecurity or sex toys pride, it gave me a lot to ponder.​

It also made marvel at how far we have to go in terms of acceptance of body types in our society.​ It seemed like the only way these guys felt comfortable with showing off their bodies was through a pumped-up penis pic.​ To me, that says a lot about how we see ourselves and others.​

While outlandish and extreme, the pumped penis pic phenomenon was definitely an eye opener.​ It gave me a lot of food for thought about gender representation, society’s standards of beauty, and confidence in oneself.​Can a C Ring Help with PE?