It’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately–are male masturbators good or not? I had heard about them and it almost felt like taboo whenever I asked people about them.​ To be honest, I was kind of scared to try one, but as I’m growing older, I’m more curious, so I decided to give it a shot.​

So far, I would say that male masturbators are good.​ First, the feeling of it is incredible.​ It’s like being with a real partner, minus the real connection.​ You get to feel all of the pleasure without any of the commitment.​ It’s great for male self-pleasure, and it just feels so realistic.​ The sensation is unlike anything else.​

Second, male masturbators can be very affordable.​ I mean, I was able to find some great options under $50.​ That’s a lot cheaper than most people are used to paying for sex toys.​ Plus, they last a long time.​ So if you’re on a budget, male masturbators can be a great choice.​

Third, they can be surprisingly discreet.​ I was worried about having one around my family or roommates, but I was happy to find some that were designed to look more like a massage wand or something else.​ That way, you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out your secret.​

Fourth, they are very safe.​ There are so many reports out there about the dangers of sex toys, but with male masturbators, you can rest assured knowing that they are totally safe to use.​ No risk of infection or any other health issue.​

And finally, they can provide an unparalleled level of satisfaction.​ Nothing else can match the feeling of having a male masturbator around.​ It’s like having a partner there with you, without actually having to be with someone.​

So there you have it, the five best reasons why male masturbators are good.​ Personally, I appreciate having one around.​ It certainly helps me when I’m alone.​ They can be a great thing to bring into the bedroom – or anywhere else, for that matter.​ Plus, they just make you feel so great.​

Now that I have shared my opinion about male masturbators, let me explain why I think they can be beneficial in the bedroom too.​ Firstly, they can help build arousal.​ By having something that feels like a partner there with you, it can create a new level of excitement and anticipation.​ Secondly, they can provide intense stimulation that can help reach orgasm faster.​ Thirdly, they can add something new to the bedroom and bring in a new level of pleasure.​ Finally, they can be a great tool to introduce couples to anal play and exploring only shared boundaries, as they are typically very body-safe.​

It is also worth noting that male masturbators can be a great stress reliever.​ Especially for men who struggle with erectile dysfunction, male masturbators can be a great way to simulate sex with little effort.​ Having something that feels like a partner without having to actually be with someone can be an incredible tool to help reduce stress, and it can also be a great way to work through any trauma related to sex dolls or other issues.​

Finally, male masturbators can also be a great tool to help explore your sexual boundaries.​ Being able to put yourself in a safe space to experience something different can be incredibly beneficial, especially for those who slide to explore something new and pushing their own boundaries.​

All in all, I would say male masturbators are an amazing thing to own.​ Whether you are single and looking for something new and exciting or in a relationship and looking to spice things up, male masturbators can be a great option.​ They are safe, affordable, and can provide some unparalleled pleasure.​ Plus, there are so many advantages in the bedroom that everyone can benefit from.​ So if you’ve been considering getting one, I would say go for it.​ You won’t regret it!