Nothing shocks me anymore. So when I heard about the new trend of living sex dolls, I was intrigued. Now, sex dolls have been around for decades, but this was something different. Apparently, you can now buy life-like humanoid robots that will interact and talk to you, and of course, get up close and personal with you.

I remember being at first taken aback, but at the same time totally fascinated. So, natural curiosity got the better of me and dildos I had to find out more. After a bit of research, I realized that these ‘living dolls’ cost a fair bit, obviously, and are admittedly quite sophisticated. The silicone skin on some of them was even warm to the touch. As supposed, they are made to look and act as human as possible.

It turns out there are various levels of these ‘living dolls’ that you can get too, depending on how much you want to splurge. The most basic ones don’t do much except for having conversations, but if you wanted to go all out you could get a model that even did stuff like dancing and housekeeping tasks. Being the geek I’m, I started thinking about other directions where this technology could take us.

Despite the advancements in technology, it still feels so surreal that you could buy something like this. Would you consider it cheating on your partner? Well, this got me thinking and I started delving deeper into the ethical implications of using this kind of technology. After gaining more knowledge on the subject, I can’t believe some of the arguments that are being made.

On the one hand, some argue that these dolls provide a safe outlet for people who may otherwise be inclined to cross some social boundaries or otherwise risk harming someone else. On the other hand, others claim that these robots reduce human value and form relationships built on only physical needs. I obviously don’t have the answer to this debate, but, from what I can see, both sides make some valid points.

Now, I’m sure there are celebrities and other high-profile individuals who would like to remain anonymous while shopping for one of these dolls. But is this possible? Is there just one store that sells these products or is there a secret website I’m not aware of? And, of course, how does one even go about setting up for one of these to be shipped or delivered?

I’m sure these living sex dolls are hugely popular considering how much people seem to be willing to spend on them. Moreover, like anything in life, there are purists who admire the artistry behind their design and those who simply view them as love toys. I suppose you can’t deny each to their own if people are willing to invest their money in such an expensive item.