penis pump pros and cons

As a person who often struggles with gaining an erection, I can tell you that the penis pump is one of those products that had to come into this world.​ I know plenty of people who are hesitant to buy this product, but it really has some great advantages – as are there some drawbacks.​

To start off, let me tell you that the most apparent benefit to using this product is that it actually does increase your erection, allowing you to perform sexually better than before.​ It’s also easy to use, simply requiring you to attach the pump to your Penis Rings and pull it downwards so the pump can take its effect.​ It feels as if you’ve got yourself a mini vacuum cleaner, and apparently it works.​ Alongside the increased erection you also experience more intense orgasms, sex toys making it all the more worth it.​

Another pro that many overlook is that it can actually help you maintain your erection for longer.​ No longer will you have to worry about finishing to soon, as the suction which the penis pump creates on the penis can stay in effect for up to half an hour.​ It’s also been said to be able to improve the quality of erections, if utilized correctly.​

Apart from the momentary benefits, the penis pump can also help you the long run, as consistent use can also help you train your penis and make it more elastic over time.​ Many men who suffer from Dysfunction Erectile can testify to this, as using the device for a period of time can give you more confidence to perform in bed.​

But despite these advantages, there are also some cons that you need to consider.​ The first being that the pump, in itself, can be quite costly.​ Prices vary, ranging from 50$ to 300$.​ Also, the device also comes with some side effects, although these are quite minor – mostly just a slight numbness.​ Additionally, the way in which one has to continuously pump until there is a noticeable effect can be quite tiring over time, and can be quite off-putting for those who are not used to it.​

Overall, I’d say the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to using a penis pump, and it certainly has allowed me to be more confident when it comes to having sexual experiences.​ I strongly recommend giving it a try, even if just once, to see if it works for you.​ Who knows it could become a regular thing!