3 Speed USB Rechargeable Tongue Teaser


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If you want to feel the awesome pleasures of a vibrating massager, then choose this incredible tongue teaser. Perfectly shaped, this sex toy is made to contour to your body and softly run across your skin, applying amazing vibrating sensations that you won’t be able to resist. This massager is ideal for gentle touches, sensual massage, intense stimulations and more.

  • Function:

  • 3-function rotations USB rechargeable
  • Material:TPR ABS

  • Color:see picture

  • Packaging Size(mm):


3 Speed USB Rechargeable Tongue Teaser3 Speed USB Rechargeable Tongue VibratorROTATION BUTTONUSB Rechargeable Tongue TeaserUSB EXTENSION3 Speed USB Rechargeable Love Tongue


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