3 x Aluminum Plug with Clear Round Gem in Multicolor


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If you are looking for the perfect anal plug kit to offer you with the best sensation and pleasure, then you can surely consider this one. This anal kit comes in three different sleek sizes for a perfect anal penetration for your fore-play with your partner or solo sessions. This anal kit can offer you with everything that you and your enthusiastic partner will ever want. 

Satisfy yourself or your partner completely with these classically tapered butt-plugs. Built with smooth stainless steel, these plugs are shaped in such a way that it can provide you complete pleasure. You can easily insert, adjust and remove it whenever you want. Additionally, these stainless steel plugs come with a beautiful gemstone at the base of it. This kit consists of a small plug, medium-sized plug and a large-sized plug.

Material: Stainless Steel
Sizes: Three Sizes ( as shown)
Power: No
Color: Red/White/Red/Deep (Light) Purple/ Deep (Light) Blue/Deep Green
Package Included: 1 x Whole Set Butt Plug (S+M+L) 
Wholesale Price: $11.22

  • Dazzle metal anal plug brick color random delivery.


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