5-20M Cotton Rope Tied With Hands And Feet


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The sturdy, silky length of the BDSM Rope is here to provide the bondage minded individuals with the perfect opportunity to display some of the advanced and intuitive knot-working skills. This is a long and easily handled rope that suits the newbies as well. Now you can maneuver your sexual desires with this item.

Made with durable materials, the rope is quite strong and it can be stretched, wrapped, tied, or twisted around any body part, bondage frame, bedpost, or otherwise. The long length of the rope is tipped by plastic finishers at both ends to make them secure. Although the item targets the ankles and wrists mostly, it has its own way to delve into elaborate wraps and beyond.

Material: Cotton
Size: 5 cm/10 cm/15 cm/20 cm
Power: No
Color: Red/Black/Pink/Purple
Package Included: 1 x Cotton Rope
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