Anal Butt Plug G-Spot Stimulation Prostate Massager


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Perfect for either men or women, this pliably smooth butt plug is ergonomically designed to mold to your curves and crevices for a magical orgasmic massage. Fabulous for newbies and advanced users too.

Made for your the internal shape that nature gave you, it its perfectly inside you. One of the features of this plug is that it has a curve in the shaft that permits it to massage all of your erogenous zones. Easy to insert head comes with an especially erotic indentation that sends you into orgasmic orbit.

Silky and sleek, the non-toxic silicone is firm yet pliable for a wonderfully comfortable fit and its curved T-bar base keeps everything in place, thus avoid unexpected movement and granting total peace of mind while wearing. There’s also a flared base that acts to tickle your perineum for double or even triple the stimulation intensity.

If you’re looking for that extra kick, then apply a large helping of water-based anal sex lubrication to both your backside and the entire body of the Booty Buddy before engaging in play. Will produce doubly sensational pleasures.

Key Features

1. Silky silicone butt plug featuring T-bar base for beginners
2. T-bar base to keep in place and stop unexpected travel
3. Hypoallergenic silicone that requires water-based lubricant

Material: Silicone

S: 75mm*22mm  63mm(Base Length)

M: 96mm*27mm  73mm(Base Length)

L: 125mm*35mm  91mm(Base Length)


S: 26g

M: 50g

L: 104g

Color: Black
Package Included: 1 x Anal Butt Plug(S/M/L)/ 1 x Set/3pcs of Anal Butt Plugs
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M: $3~$4.91

L: $3.64~$5.96

Whole Set: $9.2~$15.08


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