Ben Wa Pelvic Smart Kegal Balls


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Add some lubricant to the kegel ball.

Open your legs, relax your vagina, push the ball slowly into your vagina.
After that, you can do some exercise, like walking, swimming, doing house work, the metal ball will collide with the inner surface while you are moving.
Clean it before and after use with soap and warm water, then let it dry naturally in the air.
You can start with small ball first, then medium and large ball.
Suggest to use it about half an hour in the beginning every day, after one month, you can change to use larger ball.

1 x Female Vaginal Ball


Best sex toy for adult.
Waterproof design, suitable for bathing use.
Smooth surface like skin touched.
Luxury and noble design, is women necessary.

High grade medical silicone material, no smell.

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