Flirting Leather Feathers Fast Spanking Hands




Product Description:

For all the playful couples who love some excitement, this is a great tool to be added to their playtime. The feather at the end of the tool is the best part as it can potentially act as a teasing or tickling tool. It can also be used for stinging slaps as the other side of the tool is made up of extremely soft features. This leather is irresistibly comforting and can be used gently leaving a trail on your lover’s sweet spots. This can give ultimate pleasure and goose bumps along with an arousal. The total length of this stick is about 20 inches.

Material: PU Leather+Feathers

Length  Feather Part  Plastic Tube

 50cm         11*6cm          29*0.6cm

Weight: 38g
Color: Black
Package Included: 1 x Leather Whip
Wholesale Price: $1.18~$1.93


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