Kegel Balls Tighten Aid Ben Wa Ball


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These two weighted Kegel Balls will naturally tone the pelvic muscles while being worn, plus they will encourage contraction of muscles that help create elasticity, improve continence, and enhance sexual pleasure. Encased in silky smooth pure silicone, the Kegel Balls are perfectly sized and weighted for beginners to insert snugly yet comfortably. Guaranteed to remain in place throughout exercising, providing both a workout and satisfaction, then a flexible silicone retrieval cord aids in easy removal once finished. The hypoallergenic high quality silicone cleans easily and is completely safe, unscented, and without phthalates so that you can claim your pleasure and maintain your health any time you like.

Key Features

Phthalate free and unscented.
ABS plastic balls, silicone cord.
Water resistant and simple to clean.
Warm fast to body temperature.

Material: Silicone

Width: 1.38 in

Length: Insertable Part-3.34in  String-2.24in


Weight: 64g
Color: Pink/Purple/Black
Package Included: 1 x Kegal Balls
Wholesale Price: $1.62~$2.65


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