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PureSkin Intimates collection presents the Virtual Girlfriend, a completely fantasy-worthy stroker shaped into an hourglass female torso complete with perky breasts, curvy hips and a shapely ass. Uniquely contoured throughout the highly textured interior, this masturbator offers a sensation like no other, thanks.
Fitting easily and naturally in hand, the pretty pussy and tight anal openings tease with incredible detail before giving way to a snug, uniquely ribbed ‘S’ shaped interior, the effect of which can be increased by squeezing for a tighter feel- this masturbator is both ultra plush and firmly precise, accommodating most positions and retaining its shape no matter what paces you choose to put it through.
Function: Interactive pronunciation
1. Interactive pronunciation: The pronunciation device can adjust the size of the sound, and it can be pronounced without moving. The power is loud and the sound is more intense.
2, thrust and touch, instant vibration, shock and impact, trigger the waves of waves.
3, the configuration of the sounder: (1) with the external sound of the speaker (2) have the earphone hole inserted into the earphone to enjoy, the headphone hole can also be charged for operation, two purposes. (3) With the switch button, press the button when using, press the button to close.
PureSkin Intimates Virtual GirlfriendPureSkin Intimates Virtual GirlfriendPureSkin Intimates Virtual Girlfriend


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