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Product Description:

The Sex Flirt Massage Gloves is literally so adaptable that it just may become an integral part of all of your sexual exploits. So what’s the big deal? Massage gloves with textured palms are nothing new, but this glove is different! Each of the five fingers is uniquely shaped for unleashing a wide array of sensual feelings whether you are flying solo, or playing the field. It’s fantastic for some finger fun, dexterous, as it fits over the right or left hand, and takes spankings to a whole new level.

The palm has a zig-zag tread in the center that can turn any sexual act into a lot more fun. Why not try a massage? Constructed from non-toxic TPE, the Pleasure Poker is easy to clean using just warm water and soap or a good quality toy care fluid/foam, plus it’s compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants.

Key Features

1. Uniquely shaped individual fingers

2. Zig-zag center tread

3. Made from non-toxic TPE

Material: Silicone/TPE

Length: 6.10in

Width: 2.16in

Function: Sex Flirt
Color: Send in Random
Package Included: 1 x Flirt Massager Glove
Wholesale Price: $1.29~$2.12


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