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Product Description:

The Anal Butt Plug has been made with the intent of helping to ease the sometimes painful transition from beginner at anal play to novice and then on to expert level. The bubbly, extra-plush plugs in the anal butt plug permit a slow and comfortable introduction to your new level and will, at the end, give you an exciting and intense finish.

Easy to use,several classic plugs, a very thin one, which is small and easy to handle, a bigger one, leading to an extra smooth change over. Both have a like shape, with a soft spherical head that narrows in to meet the first of 3 gradually widening beads. This shape had great thought put into it, so that it gently stretches the anal muscles, and stimulates the anal canal, which is full of delicate nerve endings.

If you should already be an experienced anal user, then you can use these to warm up before turning to the bigger plugs and dildos. There’s a wide base at the bottom of each of these, which along with providing a safe and secure feeling, permits long term wear, and keeps the plug from moving about on its own.

All pieces are seamlessly formed using a satiny, temperature sensitive PVC that has been liberally, which is phthalate free, and also latex and cadmium. This makes it completely safe and not toxic in any way, plus hygienic and very sturdy. If you trying to achieve total comfort and pleasure, then use lots of a water or silicone based lubricant.

Key Features

1. Phthalate free
2. No latex or cadmium
3. Wide base at bottom of each

Material: Silicone

A: 80mm*23mm/32mm

B: 100mm*21mm/34mm

C: 90mm*45mm

D: 115mm*20mm/32mm/38mm


A: 49g

B: 58g

C: 91g

D: 89g

Color: Crystal Black
Package Included 1 x Anal Beads Plug(A/B/C/D)
Wholesale Price:

A: $1.07~$1.75

B: $0.96~$1.58

C: $1.49~$2.45

D: $1.07~$1.75


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