Spanking Paddle Black Red Pink Faux Leather Spanker Flogger Whip


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The BITCH paddle is perhaps the best toy to enhance stimulation and to give couples more pleasure than they have imagined. Things won’t harm your body, and you would feel more loved. It’s time to control your partner with this wonderful paddle and to enjoy your rich sexual life.

The sound it makes while contacting your partner’s skin can make you crazy with immense sexual desire. It is easy to maneuver and light-weighted. Delivering stinging slaps, both lighter and firmer, this perfect toy is capable to leave its mark. It is made out of ABS plastic with the base and tip covered in vinyl fabric. And, it is nickel-free.

Material: Faux Leather
Size Width:6.5cm/3.35cm Length:32cm
Power: No
Color: Red/Pink/Black
Package Included: 1 x Spanking Paddle
Wholesale Price: $1.6~$2.63


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