Spiral Glass Dildos Anal Plug




Product Description:

This glass dildo is covered in little nubs from the tip to the base, ensuring extreme pleasure. This dildo is crafted from hand-blown glass, backed by a thoughtful design. This dildo is traditional in shape which allows for versatility in uses, from deep internal stimulation to an intense clitoral massage.
This dildo features a classically straight shape with a rounded tip at each end. The smooth texture and pleasant weight of this glass dildo will prove to be remarkably enjoyable. Additionally, the nonporous glass and seamless construction will offer plenty of options for keeping your toy clean and hygienic. The glass dildo can be safely boiled or bleached to allow for sharing, or it can be cleaned with soap and water or a toy cleaner. Since glass is also extremely easy to heat up and cool down, you can customize your experience every time you bring this dildo out to play. 
This glass dildo is a great option for those who have sensitive skin as glass is both hypoallergenic and non-irritating. Additionally, it can be used with any type of lubricant without the risk of damaging the material. 
To keep your dildo functional, ensure that you always store it carefully. Avoid abrasive surfaces that can scratch or chip the glass dildo. 
Key Features: 
-Material: Glass 
-Nubs on the length of the dildo offer intense pleasure

Material: Pyrex Glass
Size: Length-19cm
Weight: /
Color: Clear
Package Included: 1 x Glass Dildo
Wholesale Price: $3.85~$6.31


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