Vaginal Tighten Exercise Female Ben Wa Balls


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Your pelvic floor will tighten at the very thought of the Ben Wa Balls! Kegel Exercise Set and the magic it can produce. You get 3 delicate but sensuous cherry-shaped Kegel balls covered in smooth silicone for that silky glide deep within, and with 3 cherry stems for simple withdrawal. Kegel exercises are easy as pie, a sweet and syrupy cherry pie, with this 3 piece set of cherries.

With 3 different weights, from a beginner 40g, to easy yourself slowly into the process, to 60g and a pelvic-challenging 80g, this exercise set is just the thing you need to improve your pelvic muscle and tone, which can lead to more powerful and meaningful orgasms. Simply coat your selected cherry with a bit of water-based lubrication before inserting deep into the hidden depths on your way to ecstasy.

Key Features

1. Cherry-shaped exercisers
2. Stems designed for simple withdrawal
3. Created from silky soft silicone for smooth entry and exit

Varying weights ranging from 40g, 60g, and 80g for amazing levels of intensity.

Material:  Silicone

First Stage: Length-7.08in Width-1.29in

Second Stage: Length-7.08in Width-1.14in

Third Stage: Length-7.08in Width-1.02in


First Stage: 30g

Second Stage: 40g

Third Stage: 50g

Color:  Pink/Purple/Black
Package Included:  1x Kegel Ball/1 x Whole Set of Kegel Balls 
Wholesale Price: 

Single One: $1.39~$2.28

Whole Set: $5.14~$8.42


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