redtube male masturbation elevator

What an interesting prompt about the Redtube Male Masturbation Elevator.​ Well, it sounds like something out of my wildest dreams.​ I’m not necessarily an advocate for elevator masturbation, but when I heard about this recent phenomenon, I was intrigued.​

I started to do some digging, trying to figure out what the deal was with this magical lift of self pleasure.​ From what I could gather, it seems to be an underground meme, shared through the dark and twisted corners of the Internet.​ If you venture down to the depths of the world wide web, you will find there is a whole culture devoted to ‘elevator rides’.​ A daring activity that, admittedly, sounds a little bit too risky for me.​

But apparently there are people out there who are up for this kind of intimate exploration.​ I’ve even heard that in certain areas, people who share a ride in the Redtube Male Masturbation Elevator don’t even have to get off! They stay in their own corner and do their business in peace.​

Tempting, huh?

When I first heard about this concept, I was flabbergasted.​ Who could have thought to combine the idea of a public elevator Penis Rings with the widespread of solo sex acts? It’s an idea so crazy it’s genius.​ And I guess it shouldn’t really come as a surprise given how open people are about sexuality these days.​

In any case, if you’re interested in trying out Redtube Male Masturbation Elevator for yourself, I’d highly recommend you read up on the safety measures first.​ There’s no doubt it looks tempting, and who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of naughty adventure? But safety always comes first.​

Speaking from my own personal fear, I’d stay far away from the Redtube Male Masturbation Elevator.​ It’s not something I’m personally interested in trying – I like to think of myself as an old-fashioned fella with old-fashioned tastes.​ But if I was a younger man, I’d probably be tempted to give it a go!

While most people take the elevator ride experience as a solo activity, some brave souls decide to make the ride a shared experience.​ They’ve been known to throw their own private elevator parties, forming a circle of communal pleasure.​ Obviously, not something I’ll be doing anytime soon.​

Sex Dolls That Talk Back - The New York TimesHowever, if you’re in the mood for an exciting exploration, Redtube Male Masturbation Elevator could be the perfect choice.​ I mean, what could be more thrilling than a daring ride in a crowded elevator without anyone being the wiser? This is the perfect opportunity to explore a new level of intimacy.​

I guess, when you think about it, sex dolls going on such a daring adventure teaches you something about yourself and your preferences.​ It’s an intimate way to get to know yourself, and to become more in touch with your sexuality.​ As long as you stay safe and conscious of your actions, it could end up being an unusual and exciting experience.​