using penis pump to stretch penis

I have been researching the effects of penis pumps lately and I must say I have been pretty impressed with what I’ve found.​ I will admit I was a little skeptical at first.​ I had heard tales of men stretching their penis using these devices, but figured they were either exaggerations or outright lies.​

To my surprise, it turns out there is scientific evidence to back up their claims.​ A study done by the University of Turin showed that men who use penis pumps on a consistent basis had a significant level of increase in both length and girth.​ Now, I’m not talking about stretching it to ridiculous lengths here, but a respectable increase that most men would be happy with.​

I decided to try using one myself and see how it would work out.​ To give me an added level of safety I went with an electric penis pump, rather than a manual one, as the electric one gives better control and is safer to use.​ I took it slow and built up over time, always ensuring I had a good grip and that it was secure while in use.​

After a few weeks I started to notice a difference in my size.​ I felt a bit more confident when I saw myself without clothes and, more importantly, my partner was very impressed with the results.​ Having a bigger penis definitely seemed to help with intimacy.​

The other advantages of using a penis pump that I’ve noticed are the improved circulation and erection size that comes with it.​ I definitely feel like my session last much longer, dildos and I don’t get tired as easily, thanks to the improved circulation.​ I have had numerous compliments from my partner too about the size of my erection — which is always a good sign!

Apart from Penis Rings size, there are other benefits to be had from using a penis pump.​ Using one regularly can help with things like premature ejaculation, as it increases blood flow and gives you a better sense of control over your sexual performance.​ Additionally, they can help to build muscle in the pelvic region and improve overall strength.​

Overall, I’m glad I made the decision to try using a penis pump as the results have been quite gratifying.​ I am feeling more confident about myself and my sexual performance.​ I am happy that I finally decided to take control of my sexual health and improve it through the use of a penis pump.​ Who knows, I might even keep using it even after I have achieved my desired size!