wearing a penis ring with penis pump

My best friend was totally against the idea of me buying a penis ring with penis pump.​ He kept saying it was a stupid idea and even compared it to a performance enhancer.​ But even though the idea of a penis ring was a bit intimidating, I decided to try it out.​

I started researching and found out that not only could a penis ring with a penis pump improve sexual performance, it could reduce blood circulation and potentially make the penis bigger! After hearing this, I decided to go ahead and purchase this type of penis ring.​

When my purchase arrived, I dutifully opened up the package and placed the penis ring around my penis.​ It was a bit of an odd feeling, as I’d never worn anything like it before.​ After a few minutes of adjusting and experimenting, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the penis ring felt quite comfortable.​

Next, I plugged in the penis pump.​ I was a bit hesitant at first, as it seemed like it could be quite powerful.​ However, I was still really curious so I went ahead with it.​ Immediately, after turning the device on, I felt a slight tingling sensation but nothing else.​ I started pumping it a few times and then felt a slight stretch.​

I was getting more and more used to the idea of the penis ring and the penis pump.​ After a few more minutes of experimentation, I had gained some level of comfort and found that I could keep it on for quite some time without discomfort.​

It was then that I realized that this was something that could work for me.​ I knew that I had made the right purchase, and I decided to continue to use and experiment with my new penis ring and penis pump.​

Fast forward a few months, and I am now confident that my penis ring and pump combo works like a charm.​ It has enhanced my sexual experiences in ways I hadn’t expected, be it solo or with partners.​ Not only do we both have a lot more fun with it, but I also feel more in control of my own pleasure.​

Additionally, I can feel that my penis has grown and become thicker.​ It is now more sensitive, making sex toys even more intense, and enjoyable.​ Even the smallest vibrations can make me feel intense pleasure.​

My partner also loves it when I use the penis ring and pump.​ It has definitely increased our pleasure and the time we spend in bed, which is something we both LOVE!

It also helps that the penis ring is quite small and unnoticeable while having sex.​ It doesn’t interfere with our activities and is very comfortable to both of us.​ My partner particularly likes it that she can feel the slight stretch and pulls it makes, making the experience even more enjoyable.​

Using the penis pump also has some more unexpected benefits.​ It helps maintain erections, reduces premature ejaculation, and can even help those with erectile dysfunction.​

In my experience, using a penis ring with a penis pump has been a great decision.​ It has enhanced my sexual experiences for sure, and I don’t regret my purchase at all.​

I would also recommend you give it a try.​ After all, Penis rings and pumps could be the key to some of the best sexual experiences you have ever had.​ Who knows, it might even help your self confidence and performance too!