what does mom sdo with sex toy

Oh my goodness, I was so shocked when my friend told me what her Mom did with a Sex Toy. My friend, who is in her mid-thirties, lives with her elderly mother in their own home, and had recently gone home for a visit. During our Skype chat, she casually mentioned to me that her mother had asked for a ‘Sex Toy’ for her birthday. At first, I couldn’t believe it, and Penis Rings I must have looked pretty taken aback. I still remember my friend’s face turning red as she told me the story.

Naturally, I asked her why her Mom wanted a Sex Toy in the first place. My friend said it was evidently for her own personal use, as her Mom studied a brochure containing different types of Sex Toys. Apparently, her Mom had heard there were ‘toys’ with which she could satisfy her sexual fantasies and was curious.

I couldn’t believe my friend’s Mom was even considering getting something like that. After all, considering her age, it was hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that she was even aware that such devices existed. Fortunately, my friend said that she tried to talk her out of it and explained the possible risks involved in self-gratification.

My friend also told me her Mom had revealed to her that the only outlet she had left for physical gratification was self-stimulation with fingers or apparatuses. She said her Mom was so embarrassed, and even more so when she asked for money to buy one of these ‘toys’. And even though the first one they bought wasn’t of the best quality, it was nonetheless a start.

Just the thought of her Mom trying to use this stuff made me question our social values and why such taboos still exist. In the end, my friend thought that her Mom’s aspirations to satisfy her fantasies are much better than settling into an unhappy marriage at her old age.

I wonder if her mom ever grappled with the decision to use a sex toy because of the scarlet letter mindset. I am sure she was worried that using such devices would be frowned upon in her friend’s circle. People of older generations tend to be waaaayy more conservative when it comes to pre-marital relationships and sexual relations; I am sure using a sex toy must not even cross their minds.

I guess it’s rather brave and forward-thinking for her to be curious and willing to try something like that against all odds, and that’s why I fully support her right to satisfying exactly what she would like. It’s crazy how she still gets embarrassed talking about it, yet she went along and tried something that many won’t even consider or give a chance.

It’s so uncommon for vibrators seniors to try such personal experiments with something like sex toys, and it’s wonderful to see that old generations are becoming more liberated about the topic. This way of thinking should be embraced and encouraged by all age groups – sexual satisfaction can be just as important for seniors as it is for us youngsters.

Though my friend’s mom is quite daring, I’ve advised her to but a toy from a reliable and certified shop and use it only after thorough cleaning and with a hygienic cover to be on the safe side.

I’m proud of her openness and willingness to try something new, and I hope that at least one of those ‘tools’ brought her pleasure! Who knows, her story might even inspire other seniors to explore and satisfy their fantasies!