where to hide sex toys from your wife

Hiding sex toys from my wife is a stressful endeavor, but it’s a necessity if I want to keep my little secret. To think I used to just leave them out in plain sight! Sure, I got plenty of raised eyebrows, but now I think of all the possible catastrophes that could occur if she happened to find one in the wrong place. So, I’ve had to learn the art of stealth sex toy storage; here’s how I do it.

First I have to keep in mind where I would least expect to find one. That’s not so difficult; I try to think of the most random and out of the way places. To get a little more creative, I keep my sex toys alive and well hidden in my closet, underneath my mattress on high shelves. I also keep them concealed by a towel, blanket, or pillow, because who would think to look there?

Although it might seem too obvious, I also like to store my sex toys in air-tight containers, or even better yet, plastic bags that reduce the smell and sound. That way, I know that they’re safe in my most secret places. A good tip is to wrap them in clothes that are impossible for my wife to identify. For instance, I might take a t-shirt and wrap the toy inside, and put it in between two other t-shirts that were already in the closet.

To make sure I don’t forget where I have hidden them, I keep a running list of places where the toys are. I make sure I use code names so that, even if I did happen to leave the list out, my wife would never know what I was talking about. I also like to keep notes on my phone with reminders of where I left my sex toys. That way, I can track everything.

Finally, I never put them in the same place more than once, for fear of my secret being revealed. Many times I find stimulating, creative, and fun new places to hide my sex toys. I keep a rotating system of hiding spots, so that I never have to worry about my wife finding my hidden treasures.

One of the funniest places I have hidden my sex toys is in the utensil drawer. I know it seems a little obvious, but I take small tins or containers that blend in with the mix and match of utensils. I just make sure the lid is securely shut, and no one will ever know what’s really in the container!

I also like to store my sex toys in a shoebox on the top of my closet. The box is big enough to hold many toys, and since my wife is unlikely to look in my shoe collection, I know that they are safe.

Another place I like to store my sex toys is in the junk drawer. This one might seem a bit gross due to the fact that’s it’s filled with old tools and spare odds and ends, but it really is the perfect secret hiding spot. I usually wrap the toys in a piece of old cloth and bury them at the bottom of the drawer.

I always make sure that I check the toys when I unwrap them, just in case any of the old tools managed to scratch them.

I Used A Couples Vibrator for the First TIme, and It Was Weird And AwesomeMy final go-to for hiding sex toys is behind my dresser. It is such an unexpected and safe place to store my sex toys. I have enough room behind the dresser to store a few items. And then I just need to remember to put the dresser back in place after I am done!

To take my hiding game one step further, I also store my toys on top of my shelves. I usually put a cloth-covered box up there so that it blends in with the decorations and everyday items in my home. And if anyone were to happen to walk by, they wouldn’t be able to identify what’s inside.

I make sure I keep my toys in different sections of the house in all sorts of unique places that even I forget about sometimes! I have a toy inside my vacuum cleaner, in the bathroom cupboard, in between old books on the bookshelf, and even in the car. I take a lot of time and effort to make sure that I stay one step ahead of my wife!

Most of the time, I like to think that the sex toys don’t even exist, vibrators and that way I can avoid any potential problems. By not acknowledging their existence, I can avoid any frustration or guilt that might come with hiding them. But, when I need a naughty night out of the house, I always make sure I know where to find them!