young girl penis pumps old man then fucks

My friend, I’m not even sure how to start explaining this one but I’ll give it a go! So this young girl was out for a night on the town and decided to get a bit naughty when she spotted this much older man.​ Now, I’m not talking a few years older, I’m talking like 25, 30 years older than her.​ Anyway, without saying a thing she reaches under the table and pulls out a Penis Rings pump.​ Like, what?! I mean, obviously the guy wasn’t expecting it and immediately realised what was happening.​ He could have easily got up and run away, but then who knows what would’ve happened.​ Instead he sucked it up and allowed the young girl to pump him to her heart’s content.​

The weird thing is, apparently it really worked and he was enjoying himself.​ I mean, the guy was way past his prime but you could clearly tell he was getting off to the experience.​ The girl then proceeded to make her move and she hopped right on top of the poor old man.​ Not sure if it was out of curiosity or what but she started to ride him and, kind of unbelievably, Penis Rings it worked.​ Not gonna lie, being a girl who doesn’t really get aroused that easily, it was pretty eye opening for me.​

I’m not sure if the young girl knew what she was doing but I’m guessing she must have after the reaction of the old man.​ My friend, you should have seen it, it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.​ Just imagine an old man being pleasured in a way he’s probably never experienced before.​ I mean, it was definitely a sight to behold and an experience for sure.​ The old man was so stunned, he literally couldn’t move.​ All he could do was watch and enjoy the ride.​

Now, I’ll be completely honest here and say that I was kind of turned on by it.​ It was like some kind of underground sexual pleasure device that I never knew existed.​ It was so naughty and unexpected that I couldn’t help but enjoy it.​ I mean, not that I actually wanted to do the same, but I couldn’t deny how aroused I was.​ That kind of thing is not something you see every day and it was definitely something special.​

I guess you could say that it was the perfect combination of a young girl and a much older man.​ One being curious and the other being experienced.​ The fact that the young girl was brave enough to try something she was probably scared of made it even more enjoyable to watch.​ It’s not something that’s socially accepted but sometimes you just have to go for it, you know?

The thing that really stayed with me, after walking away from the scene, is that maybe the old man got a completely new experience out of it.​ I mean, think of it, he probably didn’t expect it at all and it was the young girl who took the initiative and made it happen.​ It was so empowering to watch a young girl take charge like that and dominate the situation for once.​ Despite the age gap, it worked and it was pretty impressive.​

I’m not sure if that’s the kind of thing that would usually happen, or if it’s even socially acceptable, but it’s definitely something to write home about.​ I mean, it was kinda cool to think that the young girl was brave enough and actually took the plunge and went for it.​ Not to say that this should be encouraged or anything, but it’s good to know that it’s possible.​

Anyway, that’s the story I wanted to tell you.​ It was something I hadn’t seen before and it’s definitely something I’ll never forget.​ What do you think about it?